50% Real Madrid fans who wear 7th, only he can inherit Ronaldo.

Ascencio will not wear the No. 7th shirt this season Ascencio will not wear the 7th shirt this season Ronaldo’s departure has left Real Madrid’s number 7th shirt vacant, at Real Madrid, which is legendary. The Real Madrid club is considering who to put on this number, and historically, Copa, Amancio, Butragno and Raul have all passed through Real Madrid’s 7th shirts.

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So who’s going to wear a Real Madrid number 7th shirt? Who should I give Ronaldo’s number 7th shirt in the Aspen? “In the polls, most fans chose Ascencio as the successor to the Ronaldo jersey.

Of the 20,761 fans surveyed at the Aspen News website, 11084 chose Ascencio.
S3.pfp.sina.net/ea/ad/8/7/e5c808fe1945e819faa5cccba79de083.jpg But the wish could not be achieved this season because Ascencio has been wearing the number 20th shirt in the game against Getafe. Spanish Football Association No. 216 article 4th stipulates that the player cannot change the jersey number after the start of the season.

The club’s jersey number must be from 1 to 25, up to 25, and must wear the same number for the same season.

Since Ascencio is unlikely to wear the number 7th this season, 30% of the voters (6219) have opted for a new player to wear the shirt, and Real Madrid is still working on the introduction of Mbape. 17% of fans (3458 people) want the club to give Dionysius this number. The Brazilian has not yet made a formal debut, but his pre-season performance has sparked a high expectation from the fans. However, if Dionysius wants to wear the number 7th shirt, he must first have a front-line quota.

At present he is a Real Madrid youth team player, and the Spanish Football Association stipulates that the youth team player if participates in the first team game, also must have the fixed number, and the number starts from number 26th to count up. In this way, if Real Madrid do not have a Dionysius before August 31, and Victoria still belongs to the youth team, the Real Madrid number 7th will not be worn this season. (Sergio)

Glass’ McClurg, Helps to Start Girls’ Soccer Program, Decline from Post The

Darien McClurg has won many games as a coach in 23 seasons, but he always got more games than he won from failure.

For example: In a match seven or eight years ago, his E.C. Glass women’s football team suffered a terrible defeat to Jefferson Woods in the Seminole Championship.

It marks the end of the season, and the reality of the reality that the girls lock their arms together is slowly going on. They clung tightly together and sobbed.

“For me, this is the epitome of the coach,” McClurg said. “This is not to say that they lost the game, nor did they realise that they would not win the state championship. It was a group of old people who knew they wouldn’t play together again and they did not want this moment to end.”

This is the reason why Ms. McGonagall teaches them, so that they can watch the lessons learned by high school students and they can learn with them in life.

He was the only female football coach E.C. Glass ever knew. He joined in 1996 when the school sent the first women’s team after the coach Chip Berry was the boy’s assistant.

McClurg vacated his post at the end of the season and completed a football chapter on Glass, including a significant evolution from non-existence to infancy, and finally a consistent play.

“I still love coaches,” McClurg said. “I just thought it was time to put some new energy into this project.”

Miguel Gögel is one of the few coaches in the Lynchburg area who have mastered the pulse of football when the sport is still unpopular.

He led Hilltoppers, coached numerous travel teams with Central Virginia, and served as a football ambassador, encouraging young players to persist and helping the high school education programs of Linkhorne Middle and Dunbar Middle School to innovate.

“I’m proud of what he’s doing,” said Glass’s former sports director who had coached Berry from McClurg in high school. “It would be difficult to put on shoes in E.C. Glass.”

Berry recalls that Megger is a competitive high school player.

“He’s an excellent defender,” said Berry. “And he still has a long shot. But we’ll put him around the goal. He’s the first player to play any game. He’s free A lot of balls were scored on the ball. ”

Glass graduates began coaching with a club team while attending Wake Forest University. After graduating from James Madison, he helped Berry to serve as an assistant for several years, until Berry and former advertising Frank Murray decided to try to start the women’s football project.

They handed the reins to Fort McCartney, who received a temporary teaching license.

Before turning to social studies, McClurg continued teaching Glass psychology. He is still a course.

His Hilltoppers are running on the ground. They have experienced some hard hits, but have won a strong victory in the now-defunct western region.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever lost in 23 years,” McClurg said.

In the first year, Glass had a motto: “All we do is history.”

This includes the beginning of the plan, the inauguration goal, the first victory, and the initial loss.

Coaches have tracked personal honors, such as the percentage of winning or losing. Along the line, he stopped following the statistics. He began to realize that the coach is more to teach the girl’s life skills.

“This is a type of exercise that empowers women,” said McClurg. “As a coach, you haven’t timed out. You can’t micro-manage the game. You have to spend your time in practice and have enough confidence in yourself and their skills.”

So one night after he failed, he saw a group of girls who had grown up before him. They knew they were strong enough to deal with disappointment.

“My favorite coach,” he said, “When you see girls from newborn to senior, and the types of people they become.”

Over the years, all kinds of players have come to participate in this project: Our recruiters, new athletes who participate in sports, students from stable environments, and students who do not have many directions at home.

Macgle’s team welcomes them.

“We have had children who have had difficulties in high school and the football team has always been a safe place,” adds McClurg.

In the first season, Grasse boasted an outstanding player in Ellen Sanders. He played at the University of Alabama. In McClurg’s final season, another Glass graduate Amanda Wigboldy will join the DI team and will compete in William&Mary.

Of course, glass has become a heavyweight in the Seminole region and is one of the better shows in the state. After McClurg told his girl that he had left this spring, a veteran Clayton Royer introduced him to a scrapbook.

It contains photos and notes of former players of McClurg. Comments have nothing to do with winning.

“It’s all about their learning memories and lessons

Professional football team arrives in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque is forming a professional football team. This is USL, which is less than major league football, like minor leagues.

They will compete in Isotope Park, but the team may have a football field in the future.

New Mexico is now one of the 36 professional clubs that are part of the United Soccer League.

This will be a Division II franchise, so there is no direct connection with MLS, but many players play in the league.

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The team will start the game in March next year and they will compete in Isotope Park in the first season – this franchise location is more equipped than the UNM football field across the street.

“I think this is one of the best stadiums in the country. To bring this professional football team to New Mexico, we want to play in the best park we have. When we put the football field on top, it looks It’s very exciting that we are very good, “says Peter Trevisani, president of the USL New Mexico.

The team has teamed up with cities and isotopes to rent parks at least for the first few quarters. However, this is not a new idea for the USL because multiple teams in the league use a baseball stadium to house the football team.

USL prefers the team to have a football-specific stadium, so this is the club’s agenda.

The team still needs a name, but there is no message about when it might be displayed.

The City Council commissioned a study on building a football pitch for different teams in the city center. The results were released in January. A 10,000-seat stadium will cost between 25 and 45 million US dollars.

CenTex Lobo defeats Shreveport 4-0

The Central Texas Loebs semi-professional football team (3-1) recaptured a streak at Sheldon Stadium on Sunday with a decisive 4-0 victory over Shreveport United (0-4).

The CTL’s victory was the team’s first rebound after losing the first round of the season a week ago.

On a hot afternoon, Robles used a sturdy defense and excessive scoring opportunities to control the game. CTL did not have their goalkeeper and captain Blake Landon. They suffered a broken leg during the game.

“For us, it’s very important to bounce back and win at home,” says Roberts boss and head coach David Valding. “It has brought us back to the competition of the Western Conference.”

In the first half 24 minutes, Roberts midfielder Jordan – Guardado made his first goal after two great passes from teammates Alex Lang and Diego Portales. Long got a pass to start against Portales, then touched the ball to pass to an open Guarda at the top of the box. Guardado shot a goal next to the Shreveport goalie and entered the right side of the game.

“I just have the opportunity to accomplish the goal,” Guardado said. “Thanks to God, I scored the team, which is good for the team.”

In a corner one minute behind Guadador’s corner, Robles scored 2-0 in 43 minutes and connected a header from Long into the top left corner of the goal.

“He has a stunning cross on the sideline, they have lost their mark, so we did a lot of exercises on our heads,” Lang said. “It’s all very natural. It was just a move at that time. You repeat this exercise over and over again, and it feels very comfortable. It just got into the right place and I can finish it.”

Earlier in the second half, Robles expanded their lead to 3-0 and there was another corner kick. As a team, Robles has 25 shots and 16 shots. Walding emphasized the team’s workload in corner kicks and free kicks over the past few weeks. Lobos scored another goal later in the game to score a 4-0 victory over the attack.

Walding said: “We’re actually making, corners, and free kicks for about two weeks.” “In the past few weeks, I have been teaching these players, with 40% of all goals. We all score. So we really want to work on those works and set up the players who will accept them and how we do it. I think it has paid for us today.”

For Robles, this is also a kind of defensive defense, allowing only six shots from the Shreveport attack, including only two shots.

“We want to ensure excellent defense,” Walding said. “Turn off their attacks so that we can easily control the game and return to what we did after that.”

Roberts competed for second place in the Gulf Coast Premiere League Western Conference (GCPL) with Cajun Football Club. The Boca Cavaliers currently top the list with a 4-0 record in the West.

OSCA Statewide Football Match begins on Thursday

On Friday, May 11, 2018, Anna Dean of the Broken Arrow and Madison Oliver of the Broncos competed for the ball in the High School 6A State Championship Women’s Football at the Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City, New York. Right and fight. Photography:  Saraphis, Oklahoma
Each of the Oklahoma State Football Coach Association State Championships will begin at Thursday’s Broken Arrow High School on Thursday night and end on Saturday evening.

A total of 240 graduates will participate in the competition in six games. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for school-aged children.

Social Football App Provides “Brofessional Betting” for the World Cup Gaming, Football, Social Media, World Cup June 4, 2018, June 4, 2018 Joe Lemire


Kiss My Score is a social football app that allows users to compete by predicting World Cup scores. (by Kiss My Score)

The social football app Kiss My Score provides fans with the “Brofessional Betting” World Cup. There will be no money online – kiss my score is not a text gambling application – but more importantly: proud. The application invites users to get high scores, clicks on the “show off” button and pops up their winning results. This feature features Dutch forward Robin van Persie’s famous flying header against Spain in the 2014 World Cup.

Robin Van Persie scores his famous 2014 World Cup goal (courtesy of Kiss My Score)
For the World Cup, Portuguese co-founder João Duarte launched Kiss My Score in February and has attracted more than 100,000 registered users. The app allows users to predict the final score of the game and invite friends to participate in the league.

“It helps people enjoy football matches between friends,” Duarte said in a press release. “Even people who don’t know the player’s name or which team is ranked first in the league now have the opportunity to participate in football conversations. Kiss my score standing as a social promoter, an application that promotes with your favorite. People frequently interact through football. ”

Although Kiss My Score is not a real gambling app, brands are invited to sponsor prizes with prizes. Of course, there are bragging rights. This idea was developed by Duarte and his friends, who recorded score predictions on an Excel spreadsheet, and then moved to the WhatsApp group chat, now Kiss My Score.

“This mission is very common for fantasy leagues, but unlike them, it not only approaches football enthusiasts,” he added. “This is a simple, democratic application that can bring together a wide variety of people.”

Because of budget deficits combined with contractual obligations, the Keystone Central School Board decided to open a coaching position in the area, resulting in at least one Central Mountain Sports project seeing the upcoming season leadership changes. Billy Hook will replace Jeff Brink in the men’s football program of the 2018 season.

Because of budget deficits combined with contractual obligations, the Keystone Central School Board decided to open a coaching position in the area, resulting in at least one Central Mountain Sports project seeing the upcoming season leadership changes. Billy Hook will replace Jeff Brink in the men’s football program of the 2018 season.  SPAL 2013 Ferrara

Hook graduated from Central Mountain High School in 2009 where he played football and basketball. After graduating from high school, he continued to attend Elizabethtown College, where he was a four-year letter winner for the DIII Blue Jay football team. After graduating from Elizabethtown in 2013, Hook returned to his hometown and was the head coach of his high school alma mater. In the past five seasons, he served as an assistant to Brinker on the Wildcats project. He has been a joint venture coach for the last three seasons. In addition, he participated in the Wildcats basketball program as a joint venture coach in the past basketball season. Hook’s familiarity with the CM track and field events and local athletes will certainly provide him with good service in his new position. Similarly, the current level of familiarity of many student athletes with Hook should also make any transition period stable. A CM player, when asked about Hooker’s choice of coach, said: “Our familiarity with Hooker coaches has prompted us to perform better. We want to impress him.” Junior continues to say his new coach, “He is a great man and an excellent coach. He likes to participate actively. He is fun when appropriate, but he understands when to be serious and able to complete the task.” It seems that the players are happy Hook Will become their leader in 2018.

Hooker knows that the coach in Zhongshan is what he has a strong desire to do, so when this job was opened, he became the top person. At this point, he said, “Once I start coaching, I know that it is a great feeling to be the head coach of my own high school. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to appear.”

As a student athlete in the Central Mountains, Hooker played in the 2006-2008 season for Arbustoller, head coach of the Lockharin High School Central Mountain Region. Hook said that one aspect of Stauffer’s philosophy, he will certainly join the understanding of how to play 80 minutes. Hooker said that although his team may or may not have his talent and skill level, he hopes his team will be able to overcome any deficiencies in a tough 80 minute game. He said that he wanted to show a group of “people who want to work hard for what they want.”

Central Hill has been struggling for the past few seasons. However, Hooker knew that there was a solid history of sports in the area. He has a strong desire to return to those better days in Zhongshan. He said: “My goal is to increase my knowledge and enthusiasm for school football. The region has a long history of football. If we can increase our interest in and knowledge of the game, then the program will do something right. We Hopefully hearing this, the Central Mountain Football Team will bring success and positive thinking to the entire community.” He continued, “I want to keep the Central Mountain Project as intact as possible. “Blue Collar Football is my hope to embrace and succeed again. thing.

Coach Hook knows to face the challenge, but he is very happy to start trying to recover the days of winning the Wildcats football. Of course, he will use some of the lessons he learned from the Wildcats and the lessons he learned during college to achieve this goal. In addition, he may use the advice of former coaches and teammates to get advice. One thing is for sure. If Hook’s excitement about CM football translates into victory, bright days will come for the Wildcats men’s football project.

The Nebraska football team announced on Wednesday the entire race of 2018.

The Nebraska football team announced on Wednesday the entire race of 2018.

Huskers will face eight teams participating in the 2017 NCAA Tournament in 2018, including three teams entering the elite quarter-finals and one entering the University Cup.

Nebraska will host 10 regular-season games in the fourth year of Hibner Stadium, averaging 1064 fans last season. This attendance was ranked in the top 25 in the national top ten conferences and ranked second.

Huskers will host an exhibition in Arkansas on Thursday, August 9 and will begin the regular season against Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma on August 16th.

In the following week, Huskers will perform a home opener for BYU on Monday, August 20.

The game against the Cougars began four home games against the Huskers. They hosted Oregon on August 24, Oregon on August 26 and Washington State on August 31.

Nebraska began in September with five consecutive games in Waco, Texas. NU will fight Baylor on September 2. Nebraska faced Duke on September 6 and NC State on September 9.

Nebraska met in Rutgers on September 14 and traveled to Maryland on September 16.

On September 20, Huskers returned home again, when the team welcomed Indiana to Hibner. On September 23, Nebraska hosted Purdue University.

Nebraska ended the away game against the 2017 Top Ten Championship Penn State and the 2017 Top 10 regular season championship Ohio.

On October 5th, the Big Red team played against the marginal opponent Iowa. The following weekend, Nebraska will be held in Michigan on October 12 and in Michigan on October 14.

NU will be in Wisconsin on October 18 in Madison.

Huskers welcomed the regular season at home in Illinois on October 21st. That game will become a senior day.

The top ten events in 2018 will begin on October 28 at the campus of the four major teams. The semi-final will be held on November 2 and the final will be held on November 4.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, not just watching.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, not just watching.  Huddersfield Town Swansea City

There are 24 million Americans playing football, and they all have one thing in common: One is an shin guard.

FIFA is the global governing body of the movement and requires athletes to wear shin guards, and most of them are made of certain materials.

“We calculate that there are about 200 million pounds of plastic shin guards produced in the past 30 years,” said Sean Person, co-founder of Legend Soccer. Sustainable materials.

Man and his business partner Roland Benedict participated in a football tournament on a long Canadian tour. Both played football in Montana and went to college and European professional leagues respectively. Both returned home and continued to participate in as many football matches as possible. People have floated what he has been thinking about on that trip.

“He said, ‘Hey, I have an idea of ​​a wooden shin guard,'” Bentham recalled. “This is one of these ideas – well, this is a good idea. You must see, oh, can we do it?”

“Ultimately, we stumbled upon bamboo. It is not only the lightest but also the best material. Besides plastics, carbon fiber and anything, it can also be used to make shin guards.”

Then came trials and errors.

They want bamboo to be cut into unique teardrop shapes and bent to the right curvature, but no talented craftsman in Whitefish, Montana, where the legendary football team is, can now coach the high school football team. They can do it. It is just right. So they tried to cut these parts from the stem of large-diameter bamboo, but these parts did not have the elasticity or consistency they required.

They finally found a company in Michigan to use it to make a kind of bamboo plywood. Each shin guard weighs 1.5 ounces, and professionals who need low-profile shin guards do not interfere with their contact. They have already started wearing them.

Professional players wearing “Legend 1” include several MLS players, such as Sporting KC’s Ilie Sanchez. People and Benedict said that the players told them that they were so light that they forgot that they even wore leggings.

Although bamboo is rated as one of the most durable natural flooring, people can even use bamboo to make bicycle frames and homes, but some players are still hesitant. For them, Person and Benedict released a test video that should make all fears rest. The video is cruel, Legend 1 raised.

“We made a hammer, a sledgehammer, a big wrench,” said Person.

“This wrench is so high,” Ben said. His hand was four feet off the ground. “And baseball bats, we use baseball bats.”

The calf guard stays in one piece.

The Rockets have already paired their Premier League against San Vitolet and are playing a roar at Lions goalie Anna Johnston in an attempt to seize the lead.

Burlington Central has all the power.

The Rockets have already paired their Premier League against San Vitolet and are playing a roar at Lions goalie Anna Johnston in an attempt to seize the lead.  Verona Sassuolo Calcio

It only takes one game to reverse the momentum. Peyton McDonnell scored a beautiful goal in the rest of the game at 9:28, put San Vito to the top and sent the Lions into the state.

McDonnell took a good center from McLamler and shot it to the far right of the network. Although the Rockets created more scoring opportunities, McDonnell scored a 2-1 result in the 2-1 Streamwood Football Superbowl held at the Millennium Stadium on Tuesday.

The Lions Club (17-5-3) will play Waterloo or Normal West at the North Central College in Naperville at 11am on Friday. Burlington closes with 22-3-0.

“As long as we get pressure and create some opportunities, we will regain our enthusiasm,” McDonald said. “It puts pressure on them, not on our defensive third. Our defensive tensions, we bend over but we don’t break through, so this is an excellent job.”

Megan Majewski played in the 49th minute with the Central. Johnston stopped her initial attempt from point to point. But she could not control the rebounds. Majewski got the ball and re-entered.

For the Lions, this victory is the next step in the disappointment of defeat in the semi-finals last year.

Viator coach Mike Taylor said: “This year I have 11 to 12 senior students, so I said: ‘Oh, remember that pain, remember the feeling of loss.’

Coaches and players share a fusion experience throughout the summer and school year, and meet once a month for various activities. They made the last crucial step in the Iowa Championships earlier this season.

“We changed something and we have been playing well since then,” Taylor said.

Brinley McVeigh advanced early goals in the 8th minute.

Afterwards, the momentum began to rebound to the Rockets. The Rockets finished third in the 2A class last year. They defeated the Lions 3-1 in the rest of the first half. This number includes the penalty kicked by Johnston when diving in the right hand side.

This energy continues to push the Rockets into the second half because they have harassed Johnston with nine shots in this half. With one exception, she was equal to this task and made several acrobatic saves.

She made a jump shot through Zoey Kollhoff, Majewski stopped the shot twice in a row and washed away Kollhoff’s attempt in less than 2 minutes.

Johnston got a lot of defensive help led by Samantha de Julio, because defenders broke up some teams before the Rockets went out.

The Central Team had a final chance to get a 3 second free kick with the Jordan Kings but only missed the left.

Madison City announced that a new professional football team will play at the Breese Stevens Stadium.

Madison City announced that a new professional football team will play at the Breese Stevens Stadium.  Getafe Girona Las Palmas

According to USL, they will join the USL Division III as the fourth founding member and the league’s first Midwestern club.

The club’s ownership groups Big Top Events and Madison City agreed to pass a 10-year agreement approved by the Federal Council of Madison on Tuesday, May 15th.

“USL CEO Alex Papadakis said: “We are very proud to welcome Madison to join the USL Division III and extend the USL Division III to the Wisconsin state capital.

Mequon Wolf removed after dog died

Three other founding members of the Alliance include Tormenta FC, South Georgia (Statesboro, Georgia), FC Tuscon (Tucson, Arizona) and Greenville Pro Soccer (Greenville, South Carolina).

The Madison club owner will announce the official brand and coaching staff in the coming months.

In addition to the development of the team, the club owner announced improvements and improvements to the Breese Stevens Stadium.

Through the Facebook live press conference, club owner Vern Stenman discussed the new concession stand, roof and upright drink rack at the end of the court.

The plan will add a total of $1.3 million in improvement facilities. It is planned to be completed in the spring of 2019 and is ready for release.

Jim Katchimasik, another member of the owner group who owns a small portion of the Milwaukee Bucks shares, said that this was their goal to make Madison.

“We believe this team will be a fan of the Madison community and we can’t wait to start working with the entire community to ensure that we develop a team that we can be proud of,” reads the statement of the ownership group.

Breese Stevens Field was founded in 1926 and held the Jesse Owens exhibition and the 1946 New York Yankees pilot training camp before becoming an urban football venue in 1982.